Oireachtas Housing Commitee April 2017

I was recently invited to address the Oireachtas Housing Committee on the subject of ‘Building Regulations and consumer protection’.  My written submission to the Committee is here: DNiF Submission (updated) 04.04.2017

I also drew the Committee’s attention to the July 2016 Report of the All Party Parliamentary Group into the Quality of New Housing in England, and included as an appendix to my submission the Executive Summary and Recommendations of Inquiry into the Quality of New Houses in England.

The transcript of the meeting is available here, and the televised recording of the meeting is here.

The main message that I sought to convey is that regulation of builders should be a given, that remedies are needed even where there is a defects policy in place, and that an accessible, cost-effective redress mechanism is an essential part of housing quality.

The Committee expects to publish a report in the coming months and I will post and comment on that at that time.



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